• Securing Smart Cities

    Securing Smart Cities

    Cities around the world are getting smarter. Communicating embedded systems will increasingly become the network nodes woven into the city’s fabric to ensure that public services and infrastructure work together more efficiently. This opens up a multitude of possibilities for citizens.

But the interconnectivity of people, devices and organizations also opens up new vulnerabilities — access points where the cyber criminals can get in. In this regard, cyber security has emerged as one of the key enabler of smart city technologies.

ESCRYPT has specialized in the development and implementation of large scale security solutions protecting millions of devices and wide range of different Smart City services.

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Broad Security Product Portfolio for Smart Cities

ESCRYPT offers a wide range of security consulting services in addition to a broad product portfolio that allows customers to enable and manage security through the lifecycle of the application.

Products include embedded security and cryptographic toolkits, products that secure communications links, technologies to monitor and detect intrusion and unauthorized behaviors, backend security infrastructure to manage device security credentials, and device provisioning products and solutions to ensure security is enabled at the time of IoT device manufacturing.

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