• IOT Device Security and Key Management

    IOT Device Security and Key Management

    Security has been identified as one of the key challenges for the future of IoT in Smart Cities, especially in the areas of privacy, authorization, data integrity and devices interfaces. Establishing and managing security for IoT will be a key enabler in reaping the expected benefits from Smart Cities applications.

    ESCRYPT’s Security and Key Management Solutions (KMS) for IoT Devices ensures that these benefits are realized!

ESCRYPT offers products and technology to enable, provision, and manage security keys for IoT devices, and can support large-scale deployments in Smart Cities applications. ESCRYPT combines its competence for embedded security with the reliability, trust and world-wide infrastructure of its multinational parent company.

IOT Device Security and Key Management
Security key management is a challenging task, and the traditional solutions that focus on users rather than devices are prohibitively expensive to be even considered for low cost embedded IoT devices.
In fact, IoT devices make the situation worse due to being computationally constrained, having very long lifecycles, and being often operated in hostile environments with hackers having full physical access and unlimited time to carry out any attack.

We ensure secure life cycle key management for IoT devices

Key Management Products and Services for the generation, provisioning, exchange, storage, use, replacement and revocation of keys.

Key material protected via Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and support for different commonly used cryptographic primitives, protocols, and certificate formats.

Ease of Integration
Variety of interfaces, ensuring easy integration in your existing security environment including a cloud based key management service and turn-key production ready appliances.

Leveraging our expertise in automotive safety and mission critical system software design principles and processes.

Flexible architecture designed from the ground up for large scale deployments that is highly scalable into the millions of devices.

Customers are supported by expert security architects and software developers at ESCRYPT to accelerate your projects and ensure secure designs for your IoT devices and applications.

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