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    Cybersecurity Management Systems

    Compliant cybersecurity management has become a decisive success factor for automotive managers. The UNECE WP.29 cybersecurity regulation and the ISO/SAE 21434 standard mandate vehicle security at type approval and for the entire lifecycle.

Safety and business impacts of cyber risks have never been higher in the automotive industry: With the adoption of automated driving and connected vehicles cybersecurity must be continuously defined, monitored, and improved. Impending automotive-specific regulation make it critical for OEMs and suppliers to set up adequate security management systems on the first attempt and with greatest efficiency.

ESCRYPT's Product Security Organization Framework (PROOF) provides a proven methodology to optimize cybersecurity efficiency.

Your PROOF Benefits:

  • Profit from global insights & benchmarks based on our decades of experience in auditing & automotive security engineering
  • Our holistic, end-to-end expertise in automotive & enterprise security makes us ideal partners to roll out your CSMS in time and with optimal efficiency
  • Our proven approach reliably guides you from the first readiness check to the commissioning and operation of your CSMS

Metatrends in automotive cybersecurity

Automotive cybersecurity is developing fast and on a global level: From NHTSA's and Auto-ISAC's best practice guides, the upcoming UN regulation, international standards such as the ISO/SAE 21434, and national activities like CICV and Jaspar.

Several trends become apparent:

  • Cybersecurity needs a holistic approach that covers both technical and organizational domains
  • Cybersecurity needs careful orchestration of the entire automotive ecosystem
  • Cybersecurity needs to be maintained through dedicated activities beyond SOP

Mastering cybersecurity challenges with PROOF

ESCRYPT distilled a Product Security Organization Framework that captures these trends in five domains: Cybersecurity Management, Risk Management, Concept & Development, Production & Operation and Ecosystem.

These domains and their sub-domains and activities give a structured, traceable approach to achieve cybersecurity according to regulatory and standards requirements.

In light of the disruption caused by digitalization, manufacturers and suppliers who are best at identifying and leveraging existing strengths will be the fastest to set up compliant cybersecurity management systems and will achieve the greatest return-on-investment. The idea of not reinventing the wheel and optimizing cybersecurity efficiency is at the core of PROOF:  Benchmarks and targeted CSMS roadmaps increase transparency of potential gaps, hidden strengths, and enable a custom-fit optimal cybersecurity approach.  

Watch the webinar recording on the topic "How to reach CSMS certification and cybersecurity vehicle type approval".

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