Secure LoRaWAN Communications

    Low-Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) is a rapidly evolving technology that allows for low-cost connectivity for IoT devices and Smart City applications. LoRaWAN is a specific open standard LPWAN that provides independency from telecommunication providers giving users the possibility to extend their network individually to meet their needs while also remaining in charge of costs and availability. In addition, LoRaWAN has been designed from the beginning to provide strong security based on symmetric keys.


One of the biggest challenges faced by LoRaWAN service providers is the secure provisioning and storage of device keys and activation of devices in a scalable way on their network. ESCRYPT’s LoRaWAN-KMS provides a complete, turn-key, security solution for LoRaWAN deployments based on security best practises. It provides a secure key store and end-to-end encryption for network access and application servers.


Secure LoRaWAN Communciations

As a fully managed service, ESCRYPT’s LoRaWAN-KMS simplifies device key provisioning and storage by manufacturers and service providers. It also securely delivers device keys to clients and product manufacturers while offering service providers unlimited network scalability and guaranteeing that only registered devices are activated on their networks.

Unique keys are injected into new devices so that they can authenticate themselves to the LoRaWAN network and to protect the secrecy and integrity of individual applications which may operate over the same wireless infrastructure.  In addition, service providers never have access to end user encryption keys further protecting the user’s valuable data.

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We ensure secure life cycle key management for LoRaWAN networks

Secure: LoRaWAN device Keys are never exposed and are reliably shared on your network with authorized clients or manufacturers; service providers never have access to end user encryption keys.

Robust: Network security posture is improved using a proven life cycle key management solution to securely generate, provision, manage and store all LoRaWAN device keys.

Performance and Scalability: A fully managed cloud based key management service to securely personalize and activate any LoRaWAN device on your network and highly scalable into the millions of devices.

Brand Protection: Secure provisioning of all LoRaWAN devices guarantees only authorized devices are activated on your network.

Ease of Integration: Easily integrate into the manufacturing process using a cloud based key management service and turn-key production ready appliances to personalize and activate any LoRaWAN device onto any network.

24 x 7 Support: Safeguard business critical network and manufacturing operations allowing you to benefit from ESCRYPT technical support at any time every day.



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