• Secure Vehicle to Infrastructure Communications

    Secure Vehicle to Infrastructure Communications

    Vehicle-To-Infrastructure (V2I) communications allows signalized intersection and roadside signs to enhance driver awareness and has the potential to significantly improve traffic safety and mobility while reducing environmental impacts on the roads. V2I, which is part of the overall vehicle to everything (V2X) concept, is an emerging technology that can greatly enhance the safety and interactive capabilities of vehicles and roadside infrastructure.

ESCRYPT has been leading the effort in securing V2X communications. As technical security experts for several international V2X pilot projects, ESCRYPT has been helping to define the specifications around the Security Credentials Management System (SCMS), the security infrastructure behind V2X.


Smart Intersections and Road Signs

Integrating and communicating data between roadside infrastructure and the vehicle can provide a richer information set for identifying driving hazards and provide more accurate and timely warnings to drivers of unsafe conditions at intersections and locations where current static road signs are located (speed limits, pedestrian crossings, etc).

Implementing V2I technology can provide driver assistance for applications such as red light warning, stop sign violation warning, railroad crossing violation warning, pedestrian crossing warning, and change of speed limits. V2I technology will also greatly enhance autonomous vehicle operation by augmenting onboard sensors with real-time situational awareness that only can be obtained from communicating roadside infrastructure.

We Provide the Complete Set of Security Services
Required to Implement Secure V2I Communications

Standards Compliant: Provides a compliant SCMS implementation adhering to North American and European standards.

Easy to Integrate, Deploy and Manage: Encapsulate all PKI backend and SCMS transactions so that the host V2I application does not have to handle those details

Faster Time to Market: Simple API allowing for faster integration with the host V2I application.

Flexible: Effective isolation of the host application from ongoing and future changes in the SCMS protocol.

Reduced Deployment Risk: Full implementation of all V2I security protocols and certificate management functions including production ready enrollment process and DCM (Device Configuration Manager).

Robust: Leverages ESCRYPT’s extensive expertise in embedded security design.

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