Hitex and ESCRYPT are improving cybersecurity for smart factories

Hitex-Escrypt industrial security

With the rising connectivity of production processes, embedded security is becoming indispensable in the manufacturing environment. Embedded services specialist Hitex is now offering microcontroller-based solutions for industrial control systems. Combined with ESCRYPT’s security software stack, CycurHSM, these solutions cover all the required cybersecurity functions.

Security landscape: Vehicle protection from factory to backend

Security Landscape

When it comes to IT security for connected and automated vehicles, weaknesses cannot be tolerated. But such weaknesses do not lurk just in the vehicle itself. Attackers could gain access to vehicle data or cryptographic keys during the manufacturing process. Or cyberattacks could spread beyond the vehicle into the associated backend systems and mobility services.

Production Key Server: “Digital immunization” for ECUs

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IT security for connected vehicles starts with the electronic control unit, or ECU. This is where the cryptographic key material must be stored to enable the secure transfer of data. ESCRYPT has developed a security solution that equips vehicle ECUs with the automaker’s OEM-specific key material during the production process.

Smart factory: 5+1 good reasons for holistic IT security

Smart Factory 1

In the world of production, the digital transformation is making appreciable headway under the motto “Industry 4.0.” The advantages are obvious: connected machines and systems offer insight into the status of individual orders, provide comprehensive process control, enable monitoring of inventory levels and consumables in real time, ensure fully automated processes, and proactively notify operators when maintenance is and will be required.

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