Immune system for the next generation of connected vehicles

Immune system automotive

Automotive Ethernet is increasingly becoming the communication standard for the next generation of digitally connected vehicles. Ethernet-based electrical systems allow for larger volumes of data and higher bitrates. But they also offer new attack vectors. At the same time, increasing automation of driving functions means that any security loopholes harbor even greater risks.

Introducing An Integrated Automotive Ethernet Solution Powered by the Marvell 88Q5050 Ethernet Switch and ESCRYPT Firewall and Intrusion Detection System

marvell escrypt

ESCRYPT and Marvell®, a leader in infrastructure semiconductor solutions, are offering a joint solution to secure Ethernet-based in-vehicle communication. The Marvell 88Q5050 automotive secure switch integrates ESCRYPT‘s CycurGATE firewall and intrusion detection system to provide an enhanced level of end-to-end security to the automotive customers.

ESCRYPT security experts spearhead development of new AUTOSAR firewall specification


Vehicle architectures are becoming increasingly complex and automotive Ethernet more and more important. In light of this, AUTOSAR presented a new specification at this year’s feature release on November 24. Experts from ESCRYPT, the automotive security brand of ETAS, spearheaded the development of this innovation. From now on, the standardized “Firewall” security module will be included in the middleware security portfolio. This makes it easier for OEMs to achieve uniform configuration of firewalls across the vehicle.


As connectivity increases, new openings emerge for cyberattacks. Consequently, UNECE regulations require that OEMs and fleet operators provide effective security risk management for vehicles throughout their life cycle. One of the key elements for achieving this is attack detection via intrusion detection systems (IDS) in the vehicle.

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