New corporate home in the U.S.: State-of-the-art security lab

ETAS new office US

ETAS Inc., including the ESCRYPT team, is moving to a new corporate home in the U.S.. The nearly 100 ETAS and ESCRYPT employees working in sales, engineering, customer support and other administrative functions now reside in a 26,000 square-foot newly leased space in Plymouth, Michigan, approximately 25 miles outside of downtown Detroit. The facility features greater testing capabilities in an updated security lab.

Putting Automotive Security to the Test

Themenbild Testing

At a time when the connectivity of vehicles and the number of automated driving functions are increasing all the time, it is vitally important to ensure effective protection of vehicles against unauthorized access, manipulation, and data spying. For OEMs and suppliers, comprehensive security testing is therefore increasingly becoming part of their standard repertoire for the preventative protection of sensitive systems in the vehicle.

Security Testing: The Power of Fuzzing


Fuzzing is a powerful testing technique that can be used to check software and system robustness. A fuzzer is used to test how a target system reacts to randomly generated invalid or unexpected inputs. Thanks to this procedure, ESCRYPT has already discovered weak points and implementation errors in numerous customer projects – up to and including the sudden crash of safety-relevant ECUs.

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