“Securing vehicles permanently and in a multilayered way”


In the future, the continuous risk management of vehicles in the field must be based on effective intrusion detection. Marcel Mulch, Security Architect Intrusion Detection System (IDS), and Dr. Michael Peter Schneider, Project Manager AUTOSAR Security and representative in the AUTOSAR consortium, explain the important role that the AUTOSAR standard plays and where it reaches its limits.

Automotive crypto library provides IT security in resource-constrained electrical system

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Cryptographic libraries provide the algorithms, formats, and encryption protocols for secure onboard communication among other things. Such libraries have to cater to a wide range of different use cases without placing too high a demand on the limited storage capacities or significantly reducing the network transmission rates.

The post-quantum challenge

car in the dark

Advances in the development of quantum computers pose a new challenge for automotive security. Conventional vehicles generally have a lifespan of 15 years. Battery-electric vehicles can last even longer. So vehicles that are being developed today must be protected against future cyberattacks from quantum computing. While it’s true that the operation of quantum computers is currently possible only under laboratory conditions, the technology is advancing rapidly. Prototypes are already capable of cracking traditional asymmetrical algorithms.

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