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Keyvisual LIB

Cryptographic libraries provide the algorithms, formats, and encryption protocols for secure onboard communication among other things. Such libraries have to cater to a wide range of different use cases without placing too high a demand on the limited storage capacities or significantly reducing the network transmission rates.

Innovator 2019

ESCRYPT has been named “Innovator of the Year” for the second consecutive year by German business magazine brand eins and the Statista market research platform. The title is based on a survey of 25,000 industry and innovation experts, who in 2019 again rated ESCRYPT as one of the most innovative small and medium-size enterprises in the Technology & Telecommunications category.

marvell escrypt

ESCRYPT and Marvell®, a leader in infrastructure semiconductor solutions, are offering a joint solution to secure Ethernet-based in-vehicle communication. The Marvell 88Q5050 automotive secure switch integrates ESCRYPT‘s CycurGATE firewall and intrusion detection system to provide an enhanced level of end-to-end security to the automotive customers.

Security Landscape

When it comes to IT security for connected and automated vehicles, weaknesses cannot be tolerated. But such weaknesses do not lurk just in the vehicle itself. Attackers could gain access to vehicle data or cryptographic keys during the manufacturing process. Or cyberattacks could spread beyond the vehicle into the associated backend systems and mobility services.

Escrypt at CES

All eyes were on future mobility at the CES consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. Bosch presented its new concept shuttle featuring ESCRYPT components that provide IT security for the keyless access systems, data connectivity with the outside word, and the software updates.

Embedded World

Join us at Nürnberg Messe again this year for embedded world, the world’s leading embedded systems exhibition. This year, the joint ETAS/ESCRYPT booth (hall 4, booth 558) takes the form of a road intersection.

pks worldwide

IT security for connected vehicles starts with the electronic control unit, or ECU. This is where the cryptographic key material must be stored to enable the secure transfer of data. ESCRYPT has developed a security solution that equips vehicle ECUs with the automaker’s OEM-specific key material during the production process.

automotive firewall

Future Ethernet-based E/E architectures will need powerful security features. Automotive firewalls will therefore have an important role to play in monitoring and controlling in-vehicle communication networks.

CES 2019

The Las Vegas CES is the biggest consumer tech trade show in the world – and the next edition is set to take place from January 8 to 11, 2019. Vehicle technology and connected mobility have long been a key focus of this consumer electronics show.

escar europe 2018

Taking place in Brussels on November 13 and 14, this year’s escar Europe conference is set to attract experts from the world of automotive security. Now in its 16th year, escar represents the cutting edge of automotive cyber security. Rapidly increasing levels of digital connectivity make  IT security in vehicles a key issue when it comes to future mobility.

security orchestration

With the digital transformation, if not before, cyber security is becoming a prerequisite for success. After all, every single loophole discredits the OEM and shakes consumer confidence in the new technologies and business models. That is why security has to be future-proof right from the start. The greater the degree to which vehicle platform systems are to be connected to the outside world, the bigger the target for attack. And the more complex the E/E architectures and the more refined the electronically controlled vehicle functions, the more complex is the risk protection solution.


Stands for ‘Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies’, CEATEC JAPAN is an IoT-oriented exhibition with a long history. It was established in 2000 through the integration of two exhibitions “Japan Electronics Show” and “COM JAPAN”, now it brings the technologies from a wide range of industries together in one venue attracting more than 150 000 visitors and 700+ exhibitors.

emove 360

Global experts in Electric Mobility and Autonomous Driving will gather at eMove360° Europe 2018 (October 16 – 18, 2018, Messe Munich) to present and discuss about the next generation and sustainable mobility solutions.


ESCRYPT has chosen the MARK 51°7 technology campus in Bochum, Germany as the location of its new headquarters.

etas connections

Challenges in the development of autonomous driving systems – this is the main theme of this year’s ETAS Connections, which is taking place October 22–23 in Stuttgart’s Wagenhallen. In what way can autonomous driving help us turn the vision of accident-free driving into reality? What is the state of the art and where are the boundaries? For these and other questions on all aspects of highly automated vehicles, prominent international experts from industry and research will provide answers at ETAS Connections.

HSM Themenbild

Effective vehicle protection begins right in the ECU. Hardware security modules (HSMs) anchor security functions directly in the ECUs’ main processors.

JP symposium


escar asia


Thomas Wollinger
The automotive industry is in a state of flux, and automotive security is becoming a key success factor. ESCRYPT CEO Dr. Thomas Wollinger explains how mindsets and actions are changing direction – and why this calls for a conductor.
IAA 2018

This year, the commercial vehicle sector is meeting in Hannover from September 20 to 27 under the banner of “Driving tomorrow.” The sector is expecting digitalization, connectivity, and autonomous driving to deliver a quantum leap in efficiency and road safety. But from truck platooning to partly autonomous connected public transportation, all of today’s possibilities and tomorrow’s opportunities rely on effective IT security.

V2X communication

Mobility promises us a future of connected driving: an increase in driving safety and road safety, autonomous driving, better traffic flow, less harm to the environment, and enhanced public and goods transportation. The key to making this future a reality is the cooperative intelligent transportation system (C-ITS), which enables vehicles to exchange information with other vehicles and with traffic infrastructure in real time.

Orchestration Ludwigsburg

How must automakers establish and coordinate a security concept that will allow them to master the future challenges of IT security? In his presentation at the 22nd Congress Automotive Electronics, Friedhelm Pickhard, CEO of ESCRYPT’s parent company ETAS provided the answer.

V2X Ampel

The corner of Jefferson Avenue and Grisworld Street in downtown Detroit: A Ford F-150 equipped with innovative Bosch V2X technology independently recognizes red lights, traffic signs, and pedestrians in the roadway.

IT-Security Pitch

Five Minutes for each start up, until they were asked challenging questions about their business model for further 300 seconds. The jury of this year's IT security pitch didn’t make it easy for the start-ups. The team of QuoScient took the win over five competing young entrepreneurs from Germany, Spain and Belgium.

Vernetztes Fahrzeug

The more electronics steer, accelerate and brake cars, the more important it is to protect them against cyber attacks. That is why 15 partners from industry and academia will work together over the next three years on new approaches to IT security in self-driving cars.

smart city solutions

eleven-x Inc., operator of Canada’s first and only coast-to-coast public low power network optimized for the Internet of Things (IoT), ESCRYPT, a global leader in software and communications security, and OrbiWise, developers of OrbiWAN™, the leading LoRaWAN™ network server, are pleased to announce the integration of ESCRYPT’s new KMS for LoRaWAN™ with the OrbiWAN™ server on eleven-x’s network, bringing unprecedented levels of data security to all Smart City and IoT applications utilizing the network.


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