CEATEC JAPAN 2018: IoT security for society 5.0

Stands for ‘Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies’, CEATEC JAPAN is an IoT-oriented exhibition with a long history. It was established in 2000 through the integration of two exhibitions “Japan Electronics Show” and “COM JAPAN”, now it brings the technologies from a wide range of industries together in one venue attracting more than 150 000 visitors and 700+ exhibitors.
CEATEC JAPAN 2018 provides a great platform to facilitate the realization of Society 5.0 – the ultra-smart society designed for further economic development and solutions of social problems. Among varied technical and business perspectives that will be discussed at this event, cyber security of the ever-growing IoT is an unneglectable topic.
At Booth A063, ESCRYPT will present a tailored-made solution for vehicle electronics and connectivity -- CycurIDS intrusion detection system. CycurIDS is an embedded security component that detects anomalies and typical intrusion signatures, such as cyclical messages and the abuse of diagnostic requirements, so as to better protect vehicles from hacker attacks.
Visit us at Booth A063 and get your ticket now.


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