escar Europe 2022: Anniversary in Berlin

escar 2022

escar Europe 2022: Anniversary in Berlin

escar Europe is celebrating its 20th birthday, and it is proving more lively than ever. The world’s leading automotive cybersecurity conference will take place this year at Kosmos in Berlin on November 15 and 16 – but it is also possible to participate virtually. Leading experts from industry, science, and politics will provide up-to-date insights and invite an exchange of ideas on all aspects of vehicle cybersecurity.

Security for the software-defined vehicle, adequate risk management, and possible threats, vulnerabilities, and countermeasures – escar Europe is putting the spotlight on some pressing topics. ESCRYPT automotive security experts’ contributions will bookend the event program: Lena Steden, ESCRYPT Security Service Lead, will host a workshop on “ISO/SAE 21434-Compliant Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment” at the escar kick-off. And Senior Security Consultant Ramona Jung will conclude the technical program with her presentation on “Cybersecurity for Future Zonal E/E Architectures.”

  • Workshop 1: Know your risk! ISO/SAE 21434-Compliant Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment supported by CycurRISK
    Lena Steden
    Tue, November 15, 9:00–12:00 CET
  • Cybersecurity for Future Zonal E/E Architectures
    Ramona Jung
    Wed, November 16, 15:30–16:00 CET

What’s more, the accompanying exhibition will provide an augmented reality experience of how ESCRYPT security solutions ensure the protection of connected vehicles in the field throughout their lifecycles, today and in the future.

Click here for the complete program and event and workshop registration.


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