On June 24, the UNECE World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations adopted the long-awaited new UN regulations on cybersecurity and software updates for connected vehicles. In addition to the 54 signatories, which include Germany and the EU, South Korea and Japan will also adopt the agreement. The UNECE regulations will come into force from January 2021 and will be binding in the EU in summer 2022.

In this live webinar you will receive a short summary of the requirements and guidelines of the UNECE. Based on the disciplines for the four areas

  • Management of cyberrisks for vehicles
  • Security by design during vehicle development to minimize risks along the value chain
  • Intrusion detection and protection for the entire vehicle fleet
  • Provision of secure software updates and establishment of a legal basis for over-the-air updates

we show you which steps are necessary to achieve successful type approval in the future. OEMs and suppliers need a clear roadmap in order to successfully implement the requirements in the short time frame. Based on knowledge gained from our worldwide activities, we address relevant activities and important questions that arise in the implementation of the UNECE guidelines.

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The UNECE requirements in brief
The four disciplines and their significance for OEMs and suppliers
Concrete recommendations on which products, solutions and services you can use to implement the UNECE requirements
Q & A


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