Hitex and ESCRYPT are improving cybersecurity for smart factories

With the rising connectivity of production processes, embedded security is becoming indispensable in the manufacturing environment. Embedded services specialist Hitex is now offering microcontroller-based solutions for industrial control systems. Combined with ESCRYPT’s security software stack, CycurHSM, these solutions cover all the required cybersecurity functions.


6月24日、UNECE World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations(国連欧州経済委員会、自動車基準調和世界フォーラム)は、待ち望まれていたコネクテッドカーのサイバーセキュリティとソフトウェアアップデートに関する新しいUN規則を採択しました。ドイツとEUを含む54の加盟国に加え、韓国や日本も採択します。このUNECE規則は2021年1月から施行され、EUでは2022年夏に拘束力を持つことになります。


AUTOSAR security: Achieving integrated cybersecurity with the Adaptive Platform

AUTOSAR Classic, the standard middleware for most vehicle platforms, still meets the usual requirements. But in the future, vehicle computers will shape the E/E architectures as central applications and the vehicle will become a software-dominated system. This is why AUTOSAR Adaptive will successively replace AUTOSAR Classic as the new future-oriented set of rules – setting new standards for automotive security in the process.

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