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    Incident Response as a Service

    At least every one company in two has already had to deal with an IT security incident. Existing security solutions often cannot provide sufficient protection because the complexity and sophistication of attacks is continually increasing. System and network administrators can hardly protect the company network from such attacks themselves.

Reduce response time and incident impact

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When every second counts, you need a strong partner at your side, who supports you in quickly assessing the threat situation and taking action against it.

ESCRYPT is qualified APT response service provider (BSI) and has extensive experience in operating Cyber Defense Center Services for the automotive industry. For example, we protect the Bosch Group`s corporate and production IT. Our suite of proactive and reactive incident response services delivers the visibility and threat intelligence you need to help prepare, respond, and recover from a breach.

Contact: incident@escrypt.com

Your benefits!

Frontline expertise: ESCRYPT is qualified APT response service provider (BSI) and has been on the frontlines of cyber incident response for many years in the automotive industry.

High availability of our experts: We are there when you need us and we will give priority to your incident.

Recognized excellence: A wealth of experience in investigating and resolving security breaches – from individual systems to company-wide attacks.

Field-proven solutions: We provide tested and proven solutions to strengthen the overall resilience of your enterprise IT systems.

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