How to bootstrap end entity V2X devices

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15 3月 2021
45 minutes
Omar Alshabibi, Lead Product Manager

Registering and enrolling V2X end entities such as Onboard Units (OBUs) and Roadside Units (RSUs) in a secured manner to a V2X Public-Key-Infrastructure (PKI) is a critical process that automotive Tier 1s and OEMs must fulfill. Key element of the registration and enrollment process is to make it cost effective without compromising the security and compliance of the global policy requirements.

In this webinar, we share a harmonized way across different global V2X standards of how to bootstrap a V2X OBU or RSU at the manufacturing plant of an OEM or Tier 1 supplier in the most efficient way, leveraging the existing IT infrastructure setup. 


Overall bootstrapping process of V2X end entities
Current challenges for OEMs & recommendations on how to address these challenges
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