How to secure automotive ECUs

introducing HSM technology and trusted boot feature

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04 12월 2019
Dr. Frederic Stumpf, Head of Product Management

Modern vehicles are increasingly equipped with internet connectivity, which in turn is making vehicle IT systems more vulnerable to attacks. There is a risk that criminals could misuse the internet connection of the vehicle to access the in-vehicle communication system and carry out targeted manipulation of the vehicle’s behavior.

Therefore, Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) are the means of choice for protecting vehicle networks against unauthorized access and manipulation. In this webinar we will introduce the HSM technology, and show you how ESCRYPT’s new CycurHSM 2.x ensures vehicle cybersecurity in typical use cases, including secure on-board communication, runtime manipulation detection, and secure booting, flashing, logging, and debugging etc.


Introducing HSM technology and its advantages with comparison of SHE and CycurHSM
Overview of CycurHSM cryptographic features
How to interface with CycurHSM
Use case: how trusted boot feature ensures the integrity and authenticity of the application
Use case: how to optimize SecOC performance with CycurHSM Bulk-MAC interface
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