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ESCRYPT and KPMG cooperate on cybersecurity for vehicles

Management consultancy KPMG and automotive security provider ESCRYPT will also work together in the future to support automotive manufacturers and suppliers in setting up certified cybersecurity management systems for vehicle platforms.

With the new UNECE WP.29 regulation and ISO/SAE 21434, vehicle cybersecurity will soon become a condition for type approval. OEMs are required to implement and demonstrate appropriate protective measures. This requires cybersecurity management systems (CSMSs), which make it possible to define, control, manage, and improve cybersecurity on an ongoing basis along the entire value chain.

As one of the world’s leading management consultancies, KPMG brings extensive expertise in the development of information security management systems, including analysis, planning, design, implementation, and monitoring. Cooperation partner ESCRYPT, meanwhile, has the necessary specialist knowledge in the field of automotive security and a comprehensive portfolio of consulting, software solutions, and services for securing vehicles and fleets. Together, ESCRYPT and KPMG provide a comprehensive set of tools that helps OEMs and suppliers to efficiently implement future cybersecurity requirements.

Hans-Peter Fischer, Partner Cyber Security at KPMG: “In the future, we will have to manage automotive cybersecurity holistically. The cooperation between ESCRYPT and KPMG combines industry-specific and technological expertise with an analytical view of security organization and processes to form a unique service package.”

Holger Breunig, Director Strategy & Portfolio Management at ESCRYPT: “With the upcoming regulations, it’s time for every automotive CEO to put cybersecurity on their agenda. Together with KPMG, we can identify where investments in automotive security will have the greatest impact, and we can ensure adequate risk management through a certified cybersecurity management system.”


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