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ETAS Connections 2018: Putting autonomous driving to the test

Challenges in the development of autonomous driving systems – this is the main theme of this year’s ETAS Connections, which is taking place October 22–23 in Stuttgart’s Wagenhallen. In what way can autonomous driving help us turn the vision of accident-free driving into reality? What is the state of the art and where are the boundaries? For these and other questions on all aspects of highly automated vehicles, prominent international experts from industry and research will provide answers at ETAS Connections.

One thing is certain: the vision can go nowhere without comprehensive protection against unauthorized access to automated driving functions. This protection not only applies to the vehicle’s embedded systems, but also requires that security processes be anchored in the OEM’s organizational structure, and long-term effective security has to be provided throughout the vehicle’s entire life cycle. Dr. Marko Wolf, Head of Engineering & Consulting at ESCRYPT, will address this in more detail in his talk entitled “The Art of Automotive Security Orchestration.” And in his lecture “Security Challenges of a Future IoT” Prof. Tim Güneysu from Ruhr-Universität Bochum will subject the security requirements of connected mobility to rigorous scientific review.

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