ETAS Symposium 2019

ETAS Symposium 2019: Powertrain, ADAS, Cybersecurity

On October 4, the ETAS Symposium 2019 in Tokyo offers the opportunity to exchange information on trends, methods and technological innovations in the development of automotive embedded systems.

At the Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa, and under the heading "Outlook and challenges in CASE mobility" international experts will discuss the latest issues in the fields of control development of powertrain, ADAS/AD and, last but not least, cyber security

In his lecture "Mastering cybersecurity in an increasingly complex ecosystem" Dr. Moritz Minzlaff, Senior Manager at ESCRYPT, explains the new challenges in the field of automotive security OEMs and suppliers are facing. He also reveals how the requirements of upcoming security standards and regulations can be successfully met.

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