ELIV 2019: Automotive security in the light of new regulations

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ELIV 2019: Automotive security in the light of new regulations

On October16-17, the automotive electronics scene will meet at the ELIV Congress (Electronics In Vehicles) at the World Conference Center in Bonn. Experts from OEMs, suppliers and universities will discuss innovations, trends and challenges of future in-vehicle electronics. Automotive security once again plays an important role in the program and accompanying exhibition.

During the congress, Dr. Marko Wolf, Head of Engineering & Consulting at ESCRYPT, will give an overview of current regulatory efforts in the automotive security sector and explain how automobile manufacturers and suppliers are already preparing for this. His lecture "Current activities, requirements and proposals for action for the new automotive product security standards, laws and regulations" will open the security session of the congress on Thursday, 17 October at 8.30 a.m..

In addition, at booth 73 of the accompanying exhibition ESCRYPT will show how automotive security is factored into vehicle development and manufacture right from the start, and how it is consolidated over the entire vehicle life cycle, including a Security Operations Center (Vehicle SOC) in the backend.

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