AUTOSAR security: Achieving integrated cybersecurity with the Adaptive Platform

AUTOSAR Security

AUTOSAR Classic, the standard middleware for most vehicle platforms, still meets the usual requirements. But in the future, vehicle computers will shape the E/E architectures as central applications and the vehicle will become a software-dominated system. This is why AUTOSAR Adaptive will successively replace AUTOSAR Classic as the new future-oriented set of rules – setting new standards for automotive security in the process.

New HSM software secures future electrical system architectures

hardware security module

Vehicle computers are about to merge vehicle domains and their software-controlled functions. The ECUs in the periphery are increasingly becoming input/output devices whose actual application takes place at the computer level. The advantages for OEMs are far-reaching: IP is shifted to the central computers. The complexity of E/E architectures is reduced, as is the engineering effort.

Automotive Ethernet Congress 2020: IT security for tomorrow's E/E architecture

automotive ethernet congress

On February 12 and 13, 2020, the sixth Automotive Ethernet Congress will take place in Munich. At the Grand Westin Munich attendees, speakers and exhibitors from around the world will come together to discuss upcoming Ethernet-based E/E architectures.

Together with higher payload and performance, automotive Ethernet also brings on new IT security requirements for the in-vehicle network.

SAE-AWC 2019 in Shenzhen: Automotive cybersecurity calls for holistic approach

SAE-AWC 2019

With the development towards automated and connected driving, automotive cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important. This was acknowledged at the SAE-AWC 2019 Automated Vehicle Security & Safety Technology Conference (AVST) from 28 to 30 August in Shenzhen. Dr. Wolfgang Sienel, Sales Director ESCRYPT had been invited to host the Cybersecurity Expert Forum and gave a highly acclaimed talk on "Security for automated vehicles across the life cycle ".

Security governance: It’s all a matter of organization


Protecting against cyberattacks is a key success factor for the highly digitalized mobility of the future. This has significantly heightened the importance of cybersecurity governance in the automotive industry. For many automotive manufacturers and suppliers, the information security of their products has become a top-management issue.

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