Securing automotive system-on-chip platforms

Streamed on
20 10월 2022
Omar Alshabibi, Lead Product Manager

Automotive OEMs are incorporating automotive grade system-on-chips (SoCs) integrated circuits in the transition to zonal, domain and centralized controller-based E/E architecture to enhance customers’ experience and increase automation.
These complex automotive SoCs with multiple computing islands must be secured to retain the integrity of data and functionality and thus ensure reliability, safety and data protection. Therefore, security is a must-have functionality, especially for ADAS applications, where secure communication is a challenging task.
In this free, 60-minute webinar, Lead Product Manager Omar Alshabibi explains how to address security challenges for these complex automotive SoCs.


Discover why increased connectivity, communication bandwidth and advanced E/E architecture require high computing and performant SoCs
Understand why automotive complex SoCs require evolving security solutions as vulnerability and threats increase
Learn why stakeholders must consider security concepts and requirements at the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) system level
Gain insight into ETAS‘ high-performing and abstracted security solution, which fulfils automotive SoCs security requirements


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