ETAS new office US

New corporate home in the U.S.: State-of-the-art security lab

ETAS Inc., including the ESCRYPT team, is moving to a new corporate home in the U.S.. The nearly 100 ETAS and ESCRYPT employees working in sales, engineering, customer support and other administrative functions now reside in a 26,000 square-foot newly leased space in Plymouth, Michigan, approximately 25 miles outside of downtown Detroit. The facility features greater testing capabilities in an updated security lab.

The new state-of-the-art, multipurpose security lab enables ESCRYPT to provide dedicated automotive electronic control unit (ECU) vulnerability testing for multiple OEMs. Three key testing applications will occur in the lab: penetration testing, which targets the ECU’s ability to isolate and address potential cyberattacks; fuzz testing, which ensures that the ECU’s electronic security protocols have been properly implemented; and secure ECU feature testing, which demonstrates the designed execution of critical security functions such as secure boot, secure flash and secure communications.

Tim Arntson, Head of security, consulting, and testing, ETAS Inc. (ESCRYPT): “The lab is comprised of multiple workstations that can simultaneously fuzz test up to eight ECUs in an access-controlled, secure environment, a process that is unique to the industry.”


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