Bosch ConnectedWorld: Cyberdefense for connected vehicle fleets

BCW 2020

Bosch ConnectedWorld: Cyberdefense for connected vehicle fleets

On February 19 and 20, the Bosch ConnectedWorld 2020 in Berlin is the place to be for all digital transformation experts. The presentations, exhibition, and hackathon will once again focus on connected mobility. ESCRYPT will be showing at BCW how connected vehicle fleets can be given ongoing protection against cyberattacks in the future by means of intrusion detection and a security operations center (vehicle SOC).

In the Bosch ConnectedWorld Lab sessions, Holger Breuing, Director of Strategy and Portfolio at ESCRYPT, will join forces with Kai Grunwitz, Managing Director Germany of ICT services provider NTT, and Hans-Peter Fischer, Security Partner at management consultancy KPMG, to show BCW visitors the future of automotive cybersecurity.

  • How to successfully create an automotive cybersecurity ecosystem
    11:50 a.m., February 20, on the Lab stage

Meanwhile, the exhibition area showcases a security operations center that enables the continuous surveillance and comprehensive protection of vehicles and fleets. Using augmented reality, ESCRYPT will be showing how IT security components embedded in vehicles on the road interact with monitoring, analysis and forensics in the security backend.

Visit ESCRYPT at Bosch ConnectedWorld in Berlin. Click here for your ticket.


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