New corporate home in the U.S.: State-of-the-art security lab

ETAS new office US

ETAS Inc., including the ESCRYPT team, is moving to a new corporate home in the U.S.. The nearly 100 ETAS and ESCRYPT employees working in sales, engineering, customer support and other administrative functions now reside in a 26,000 square-foot newly leased space in Plymouth, Michigan, approximately 25 miles outside of downtown Detroit. The facility features greater testing capabilities in an updated security lab.

UNECE regulations for automotive cybersecurity adopted

UNECE flag

On June 24, the UNECE World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations adopted the long-awaited new UN regulations on cybersecurity and software updates for connected vehicles. In addition to the 54 signatories, which include the US and the EU, South Korea and Japan will also adopt the agreement. The UNECE regulations will come into force from January 2021.

Hitex and ESCRYPT are improving cybersecurity for smart factories

Hitex-Escrypt industrial security

With the rising connectivity of production processes, embedded security is becoming indispensable in the manufacturing environment. Embedded services specialist Hitex is now offering microcontroller-based solutions for industrial control systems. Combined with ESCRYPT’s security software stack, CycurHSM, these solutions cover all the required cybersecurity functions.

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