ISO21434 – From security engineering to management

Advanced IT security training that focuses on ISO/SAE FDIS 21434 requirements and cybersecurity management overall in the context of the UN regulation 155 (UNECE WP.29). The training covers subjects like risk assessment as well as the different engineering phases from concept to development and post development.


2 天

  • Security manager, product manager or project manager.
  • System engineer, software engineer, hardware engineer or developer.
Training goals
  • Learn the building blocks of ISO/SAE FDIS 21434 compliant security engineering.
  • Get an overview how ISO/SAE FDIS 21434 helps you to meet the requirements of the UN regulation 155.
  • Understand the risk-based approach of ISO/SAE FDIS 21434 to product security.
  • Learn from our firsthand expertise for the ISO/SAE FDIS 21434 through dedicated case studies.
  • Get to know more about security engineering during the concept phase (incl. cybersecurity relevance assessment, goals & concept).
  • Find out about the importance of security engineering in the development phase (incl. cybersecurity DIA, design, implementation and V&V).
  • Benefit from our knowledge about cybersecurity in production, operations, maintenance and decommissioning.
  • Basic technical understanding of automotive systems on engineering level
  • Introduction to security engineering
  • Governance & Ecosystem
  • Risk management
  • Concept and development
  • Production and operation
  • 2 days
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